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Keith Kremer, DVM, DACVIM                                   Virginia Beach, VA 23462  
Internal medicine expertise for pets                     ph (757) 605-1610 / fax (757) 605-1612
Scheduling an appointment
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Is easy!  Just call us at (757) 605-1610.  Fortunately we do not have insurance companies putting limitations on the referral process for pets, as is the case in human medicine, so referral is not required for your pet to see us, although we strongly prefer to work closely and openly with your veterinarian in addressing your pet's problems.  We offer no regular or preventive care services (eg vaccinations, spays, neuters, micro-chipping, dental cleanings, etc).  If you would like to be referred, please inform your vet you will be making an appointment with us and ask if they can fax or email over the pertinent records and lab results for your pet.  Digital Xrays can be burned onto a CD or emailed to us (note Xrays cannot be faxed).

* Dr. Kremer also offers mobile services to area veterinarians on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, in which he performs ultrasonography and consultations at area clinics.  This service is not available at all clinics, so please check with your vet if this service is an option.  Please also note that the veterinary clinic must schedule mobile appointments.
8am - 4pm
8am - 4pm
*Mobile services at clinics
Monday        8am - 4pm
Wednesday   8am - 4pm
Friday           8am - 4pm

*scheduled through your vet