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Keith Kremer DVM DACVIM
Internal medicine expertise for pets                                                   
​A different kind of referral practice

Welcome! As medical care for our furry family members advances, large referral practices with multiple specialists and 24/7 emergency services are the norm, playing a vital role in caring for sick and injured pets in times of need. However having previously worked at several of these types of facilities over the years, I much prefer to offer a different kind of care and experience to the pet and its person. As the only specialist in the region not affiliated with a large referral & emergency center, my practice is a departure from those facilities - it is a small clinic with just one veterinarian (me!) and is geared towards efficiency, comfort and that personal touch which is so important. Practicing truly good medicine goes well beyond medical training, sophisticated equipment, and expensive facilities, and requires many other qualities that are harder to measure ... the arts of observation and communication, a healthy dose of common sense, and above all empathy and compassion for both the patient and its worried owner. ​We know that your pet is a loved member of your family, and that you want the best care possible for him or her. We also recognize that truly exceptional care goes beyond just offering the most modern tests or treatment to the patient, but requires those extra touches .... scheduling an appointment promptly, being kind and respectful and doing all we can to ease your worries, answering all of your questions to the best of our abilities, and discussing all care options with you.  My staff and I strive to bring all of these qualities and more to the care of those pets and their owners who are referred to us by their family vet, and it is a gratifying experience indeed.  
Veterinary Specialist Care Staff

Tina         Receptionist
Abby        Licensed vet tech
Lisa         Licensed vet tech

Keith Kremer, DVM
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine
Dr. Keith Kremer is the sole owner and practicing veterinarian in his specialty practice, Veterinary Specialist Care.  Having grown up on a small dairy farm in Nebraska, he showed a strong affinity for all creatures great and small on the family farm at a very early age.  He was among the first veterinary specialists in the Hampton Roads area, practicing in Chesapeake from 1997 - 2000, at which time he moved west for two years to pursue self-employment.  He returned to the area in 2002 and started his practice Tidewater Veterinary Internal Medicine which was later renamed Veterinary Specialist Care.
Education and Awards

1987  BS Agriculture, University of Nebraska with high honors
          Agricultural honors program
1990  DVM, Iowa State University with honors
          AAHA Award for Clinical Proficiency in Small Animal Medicine & Surgery
1992  Residency Small Animal Internal Medicine, University of Florida
          Animal Bedside Manner Award
          Small Animal Resident of the Year Award
          ACVIM Resident Presentation Award
1995  Board-certification Small Animal Internal Medicine

Professional experience timeline

1990 - 1992   General small animal practice, Bethlehem, PA
1992 - 1994   Residency Small Animal Internal Medicine, University of Florida
1995 - 1997   Affiliated Veterinary Specialists, St. Louis, MO
                      associate in multi-specialty referral practice
1997 - 2000   Greenbrier Vet Emergency and Referral, Chesapeake, VA
                      involved in emergency and referral practice start-up
2000 - 2002   Veterinary Internal Medicine of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT
                      moved to Utah to start mobile referral practice
2002 - 2006   Tidewater Veterinary Internal Medicine, Virginia Beach
                      moved back to VB to start practice within emergency clinic
2007 - 2010   Moved practice to independent location in Virginia Beach
                       5124 Greenwich Rd, Virginia Beach
2010 - 2012   Changed practice name to Veterinary Specialist Care